Producer Snafu - Live @ San Bernadino 3​-​25​-​16

by Producer Snafu



This is what it sounds like when you duck your meds for 3 months and go on a hypomanic journey where I revisit my old Ego.

This set is basically a parody of my old ego circa 2003 and beyond till I discovered self-love and became more self-aware.
if you don’t make it to the end, by no means is my intro meant to be taken seriously or to stir up controversy.

I became obsessed with Kanye West in the Process of Creating a set I hope you enjoy.



Producer Snafu Welcome to the mind of Producer Snafu (revised ScReamix)

Producer Snafu – I’m The Hardest

Producer Snafu – They’ll Often Misuse The Word Hate To Justify Their Stupidity

Skymall - Stars N' Bars (the Great Southern Trend Revival)

AA Kurtz – Black Beats, White Noise

Producer Snafu - Eclectic Drama

Producer Snafu – Illusions Of Happiness (sucked Back Into The Future)

Producer Snafu – Fall Back

Producer Snafu – Percussion War

Producer Snafu – I Fear The Devil In The Loin

Producer Snafu – Our Future Is Space






Producer Snafu Perris, California

My name is Ben, i been making tunes on FL Studio since 2001. i have to make music, there is no ifs, ands, or buts. i fucking have to. suicide would be the only other thing i can think of if i wasn't able to make music. and i really don't feel like dying. i hope you love what you hear on this profile. i don't know you, but i assure you, that i luh you! also, i really like clouds & cute things. ... more

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