by Producer Snafu



Blasphemous is a self-aware journey of a Bipolar delusional artist that took an entire year to complete.
The album concept was birthed last year with the intention to compose nothing but Breakcore Bangers, it turned into something else.
On December 24th of 2015, I made the cautious decision to temporarily my intake of my Bipolar medication which consisted of Lamotrigine and Latuda. I did this as an experiment to see how I function without my medication to which I had been taking for 2 years. People diagnosed with bipolar while medicated are highly susceptible to quit their medication because they are under the false pretense that they are alright and find without their medication when in actuality, their medication is working thus often leading to what could be an intense hypomanic phase or even a severe Manic episode.

during this hiatus, I became Obsessed with Kanye West and his unpublicized Bipolar Diagnosis.
the more I delved deeper into my research of Kanye, the more I saw myself relating to him.
when bipolar goes untreated, it is susceptible for the Diagnosed to experience Hypomania which is a mindset that often leads to delusional feelings of boosted self-confidence, a sense of edginess which could unintentional allow one to step over moral boundaries, Intense Irritability/paranoia, hyper sexuality and altered thoughts that can lead to regrettable actions and energetic states of Euphoria (like a legit “oh I just took some Molly, I’m euphoric and high af”). I wanted to convey the attributes of Bipolar in my music. Which are strongly represented in the intro, What’s My Mutha fuckin Name, the interlude and the outro.

I had the privilege to play a few parties this year in March. (the live set is available for download in my bandcamp catalogue)

during my obsession I wanted to document and convey the delusional mentality that one can experience under a hypomanic stage through altered samples of Kanye from interviews over the years.
I was under the false mindset that I was the best composer of Breakcore, which of course is a ridiculous, but there is a sense of inflated ego when I create something that I love and am proud of.
there are times where I compose music and have the feeling that everything I make is going to be a game changer and boost any notoriety that I may have because I am convinced that my creativity is on par of that of a musical Genius. While off my medication and into the peak of my mild mania, I was experiencing euphoria, I was experiencing mania through the ideas I had for songs as if my brain was rewarding me high doses for having amazing ideas . . . imagine that.
After my first gig in after a year of not performing, I then proceeded to take my medication.

Blasphemous represents a new mindset that has embraced the Amen break to which I in the past was apposed to utilizing. Blasphemous also goes over my inflation with Atheism, I have no idea as how this album will be accepted, but I knew that there would be at least one person who would appreciate it.

Unfortunately that one person passed away due to an untimely death and into the arms of a brutal mistress that is 2016. Unfortunately he passed away before I completed any of my atheist themed songs

This album is Dedicated to the essence of Joshua Sapp
Because of Joshua, I was able to experience Portland Oregon, a place to which my heart will forever reside.

You are truly missed.

with that said, I really hope you enjoy this album.


released December 9, 2016

all compositions are originally composed by myself on FL Studio 11 and LSDJ

Album art was Created by Litttle Tom




Producer Snafu Perris, California

My name is Ben, i been making tunes on FL Studio since 2001. i have to make music, there is no ifs, ands, or buts. i fucking have to. suicide would be the only other thing i can think of if i wasn't able to make music. and i really don't feel like dying. i hope you love what you hear on this profile. i don't know you, but i assure you, that i luh you! also, i really like clouds & cute things. ... more

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